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Wine —


Simply stated, we love wine. We love wine so much that we used an obscure wine term to name the restaurant, Brix 25°. 

We have created a list that is the perfect concentration of Northwest wine. The northwest has a world class assortment of wines and unique growing regions which allow us to offer many varietals as well as many producers. With over 175 selections, we focus on what we believe is some of the best juice in the world.

We were the first restaurant outside of King County to receive the coveted “Washington Wine Restaurant of the Year” award for recognition of our Northwest focused wine list. Multiple publications have featured our restaurant, listing us among the best of Northwest focused wine lists.

But beyond the awards, what we truly, truly love is presenting these wines to you; helping you find the perfect wine to pair with our Northwest inspired menu, the perfect wine to celebrate the moments in life, the perfect wine to mark a milestone.

We are proud to state that we hand pick the wines for this list and look forward to sharing our love of the list with you.

Our wine list is a “living” list and therefore, vintages, availability and pricing are subject to change.  If there is a specific bottle that you want to make your evening extra special, please call ahead to check for availability.

Every Thursday- 1/2 Price Wine Night   Come enjoy an old favorite or discover your new favorite bottle from our award-winning list - at half-price!



Cocktails —


We believe in a hand-crafted cocktail, every ingredient in our cocktails are measured with the ingredients and ratios chosen to achieve a specific flavor. The ingredients are fresh or house made in our artisan cocktails. 

Our cocktail program focuses on the heritage and authenticity of cocktails from years past while updating the cocktails with the fresh ingredients available locally. We create a seasonal cocktail list with a variety of classic and signature cocktails. 

Like everything we do - our menu, our wine list - we focus our cocktail menu around local spirits. And when we can’t find the perfect local spirit, we make our own. Our house-made spirits and liqueurs are crafted with care and time, and change to reflect the bounty of each season.

Fire & Thorns

Fire & Thorns



Beer —


To be dedicated to flavors of the Northwest, we are as serious about our draft beer selection as we are about our other libations.

With the bounty of Northwest brews, finding local draft is never a challenge.  With the "micro" brew movement starting in the northwest, the variety and quality of selections is unique to this area. 

We are especially blessed with many breweries here in town, two of which are less than a mile away.  The freshness and quality of nano local beers is unique.  We have a rotating selection of styles and producers.